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With the support of the Flemish government

Universiteit Lichtekooi
Artists on Artists, Artworks and Everything Else

A series of lectures by Carla Arocha, Mekhitar Garabedian, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Benjamin Verhoeven, Nel Aerts & Gert Verhoeven.

Lichtekooi Artspace is pleased to present the lecture series Universiteit Lichtekooi. This series consists of three evenings with two lectures each, in which artists reflect on a work of art, an oeuvre, a period or a theme from art history from the perspective of their own artistic practice.

Saturday 20 November 2021, 20:00

Mekhitar Garabedian
Les films ça sert à ça, à apprendre à vivre
A few thoughts on La maman et la putain, a film by Jean Eustache (1973)
(Language: English)

Carla Arocha
A crowd-candid interview
An associative lecture on various topics starting from a candid conversation with the audience
(Language: English)

Saturday 27 November 2021, 20:00

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
Eisenstein: Montage, Méthode en MLB
A lecture on the Soviet artist and theoretician Sergei Eisenstein
(Language: Dutch)

Benjamin Verhoeven
Zooming in on a bookshelf
An audiovisual performative lecture on the artist’s bottom bookshelf. The collected (art) books (on Cocteau, Jarman, Pasolini, Genet, Wojnarowicz a.o.) are analysed live by means of audiovisual material.
(Language: Dutch/English)

Saturday 4 December 2021, 20:00

  Nel Aerts & Gert Verhoeven
Exposure lectures
A performative lecture(s) with The 100% Exposure Buggy
(Language: Dutch)

Watch all the videos here.


Contributors & thanks to

Graphic design: Ines Cox

Scenography: Tina Schott & Jelle Spruyt

Documentation and registration: Thomas Crombez, Rufus Michielssen, Ria Pacquée, Chris Gillis

Production team: Elias Cafmeyer, Kris Cuylits, Gwen De Groote

Catering: Yirka De Brucker, Bram Denkens, Tom Van Camp

Lichtekooi thanks the artists, Elias Cafmeyer, Marijn Celea, Ines Cox, Thomas Crombez and Letterwerk, Kris Cuylits, Yirka De Brucker, Gwen De Groote, Bram Denkens, Chris Gillis, Roman Hiele, Sis Matthé, Meriton Maloku, Rufus Michielsen, Ria Pacquée, Stijn Schoelynck, Tina Schott, Jelle Spruyt, Sietske Van Aerde, Tom Van Camp, Floris Van Look, Hans Wuyts and Extra City Kunsthal.

In collaboration with Letterwerk 
The lectures will be made available online in the near future