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Twhylight: an evening with Michael Curran & screening Duelle (Jacques Rivette, 1976)

Extra muros: Extra City Kunsthal – Zomer in de kloostertuin


Lichtekooi was invited by Extra City Kunsthal to curate an evening for their summer program.

Introduction by Michael Curran

In 2020 artist Michael Curran responded to the naming and opening of LICHTEKOOI by making a sound piece with all the correspondence and email exchanges regarding the naming of the space – within this he explored issues around the language used to describe prostitutes, the notion that WE ARE ALL PROSTITUTES as a result of being embedded within capitalism, the aesthetics and politics of punk of naming and of queering and defiance.

In a related yet different approach the artist will explore other notions of Ladies of the Night and Ladies of the Light with the film screening Duelle by Jacques Rivette (1976).

Video introduction by Michael Curran

Duelle (une quarantaine)
Jacques Rivette, 1976, 121'

Two goddesses, a pair of beings from the sphere of the sun or the moon and who take the form of women, engage in a strange battle in the bars, hotels, and mystical power-spots of Paris. They fight over the possession of a magical diamond that will allow them to remain on earth.

Lichtekooi thanks Michael Curran, Kunsthal Extra City, Joachim Naudts and Zuzanna Rachowska.