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Production budget
(per artist)

Artists who produce a new work for an exhibition receive a production budget (as well as an artist's fee). The production budget depends on the type of exhibition (group or solo exhibition) and the necessary materials for the production of the new work.


The average cost of a smaller production in the context of a group exhibition.

Available items: 5

€2.600 – €3.500

The average cost of a bigger production in the context of a solo exhibition ranges from €2.600 – €3.500.  

Available items: 2

Online payment is possible with Creditcard or Paypal.

For a payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: BE02 7390 2147 0040

Please use the reference: webshop - [purchased item]
and send an email to: contact@lichtekooi.be mentioning the purchased item, your name and postal address information for the (artist) invoice.