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Launch TIM magazine #3: Jealousy

28.01.2022 – 30.01.2022

TIM announces the launch of its fourth issue – jealous? Good, because that’s what they’re talking about in TIM #3 ‘Jealousy.’ Even though we all like to pretend we stay unfazed by this emotion, you probably know what we’re talking about. TIM wants to raise questions about visibility and the self-positioning of artists, about inspiration, appropriation, and the relationship of self-other. In TIM #3 they don’t hold grudges and focus on exploring the productive and positive side of this feeling within artistic practices.

For TIM #3 ‘Jealousy’ features interviews with Deborah Bowmann (by Lina Ejdaa), Kati Heck (By Tim Verherstraeten), and Lily van der Stokker (by Joyce Poot and Cleo Foole). Sandrine Morgante, Aay Liparoto, and Jimena Chávez Delion contributed new work. Dagmar Dirkx’s essay acts as a frame for the entire issue. Amidst these two sides to the story, you will find the work by TIM's open call participants. TIM #3 was designed by kabinet.studio.

Sit down at TIM-café with your fresh copy during the launch at Lichtekooi.

TIM magazine is an Antwerp based biannual artist’s magazine that creates a platform where artists can meet, openly talk about their practice and showcase their work. Lichtekooi is delighted to welcome TIM for the launch of their new issue.



Lichtekooi thanks TIM magazine (Tim Verherstraeten, Elena Op ‘t Eynde & Cleo Foole), Bram Denkens, Ria Pacquée, Tom Van Camp, Kim Weynants.