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Upcoming Exh|bition

Graphic design: Inès Collin

Met de steun van de Vlaamse overheid

Exiting the Vampire Castle

With works by Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Willem de Rooij, Mekhitar Garabedian, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Margarita Maximova, Ria Pacquée, Nora Turato, Sietske Van Aerde and Guy Woueté

14.05.2022 – 02.07.2022

The starting point for the group exhibition is Mark Fisher’s controversial essay Exiting the Vampire Castle (2013), which deals with contemporary issues such as cancel culture, internet culture, neo-capitalism, class struggle and identity-based discourses. Fisher’s text serves as a framework for dialogue, with an eye for different positions and perspectives.

Curated by Nadia Bijl, Pepa De Maesschalck and Vedran Kopljar.

Exhibition: 14.05.2022 – 02.07.2022
Opening hours: Fri – Sat from 14:00 until 18:00

Borger nocturne: Friday 17.06, open from14:00 until 21:00

Webshop for Lichtekooi supporters

Lichtekooi presents the Lichtekooi webshop for supporters!

Using this webshop you can support Lichtekooi by contributing to a specific cost of our operation. As proof of purchase, Lichtekooi supporters receive an invoice designed by an artist. This year Vedran Kopljar creates a unique invoice for each purchase.

The Lichtekooi webshop is a visualisation of the ideal budget of Lichtekooi Artspace. You will find an overview of all costs associated with running an exhibition space, both overhead costs and project-related costs, ranging from toilet paper to artist fees.

Check out the webshop HERE.

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