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Exiting the Vampire Castle

With works by Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Willem de Rooij, Mekhitar Garabedian, Pélagie Gbaguidi, Margarita Maximova, Ria Pacquée, Nora Turato, Sietske Van Aerde and Guy Woueté

14.05.2022 – 02.07.2022

The starting point for the group exhibition is Mark Fisher’s controversial essay Exiting the Vampire Castle (2013), which deals with contemporary issues such as cancel culture, internet culture, neo-capitalism, class struggle and identity-based discourses. Fisher’s text serves as a framework for dialogue, with an eye for different positions and perspectives.

Curated by Nadia Bijl, Pepa De Maesschalck and Vedran Kopljar.

“We need to learn, or re-learn, how to build comradeship and solidarity instead of doing capital’s work for it by condemning and abusing each other. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must always agree – on the contrary, we must create conditions where disagreement can take place without fear of exclusion and excommunication.”

Lees Het vampierenkasteel verlaten (Mark Fisher, 2013) hier
Read Exiting the Vampire Castle (Mark Fisher, 2013) here

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Read the EN visitors guide here

Exh|bition views:

Opening with procession Shopping Resistance by Guy Woueté from Premetrostation Handel to Lichtekooi Artspace on 14.05.2022:

Film screening Notre nazi (Robert Kramer, 1984) on 12.06.2022 at De Cinema:

Contributors & thanks to

Production team: Kris Cuylits, Edith Vandenhoeck

Graphic design: Inès Collin, Bram Denkens

Final editing and translations: Sis Matthé                    

Catering: Tom Van Camp

Documentation: Wim Catrysse, Ria Pacquée,Fabien Silvestre Suzor, Kim Weynants

Film screening: Vincent Stroep

With thanks to all participating artists, Josine Buggenhout, Wim Catrysse, Bertrand Cavalier, Inès Collin, Kris Cuylits, Melanie Deboutte, Bram Denkens, Bert Depuydt, Ilke De Vries, Magali Elali, Kristyna Fontanive, Nina Hendrickx, Theresa Kampmeier, Anne Kluytenaar, Keja Ho Kramer, Helena Kritis, Gerard Leysen, Ulrike Lindmayr, Sis Matthé, James Michielsen, Samyra Moumouh, Julia Mullié, Grace Mwali De Pelsemeer, Yemo Park, Isabella Ritter, Jef Roels, Priya Shetty, Fabien Silvestre Suzor, Jelle Spruyt, Vincent Stroep, Han Swolfs, Nick Terra, Anta Thiam, Medina Tokalic, Ria Tubbax, Tom Van Camp, Edith Vandenhoeck, Orlando Verde, Kim Weynants, Davide Zulli, Zeno-X Gallery, LLS Paleis and Extra City Kunsthal

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