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Curating and coordination
(per day)


The curating and coordination is been carried out partially voluntarily and unpaid. For some projects, Lichtekooi also collaborates with guest programmers. Lichtekooi wants to (partially) compensate this work in order to ensure a sustainable and solid organisation, but this will always depend on the available budget (through project grants and the supporters' webshop).

It is attempted to compensate about 7 to 8 days per exhibition for curating and coordinating. This amounts to an average netto fee which is 49% of the gross cost (depending on the tax category under which the programmer falls). Most of the work, as well as the structural operation, remain voluntary and unpaid.

Available items: 65

Online payment is possible with Creditcard or Paypal

For a payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: BE02 7390 2147 0040

Please use the reference: webshop - [purchased item]
and send an email to: contact@lichtekooi.be mentioning the purchased item, your name and postal address information for the (artist) invoice.