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Artist fee
(per artist)

€250 – €2.500

The artist fee is always determined in consultation with the artist and depends on various factors: does it concern the exhibition of an existing or a new work, is it for a solo or group exhibition, a performance, an intervention, a contribution, the workload, ...

For a solo exhibition, we aim at a fee of approx. €2.500. For a new work in the context of a group exhibition, we aim at a fee of approx. €500 and for showing an existing work we aim at a fee of approx. €250.

(Artists who produce a new work for an exhibition receive a production budget as well, see production budget)

The method of payment for an artist's fee depends on the nature of the work:
  • AKV: not taxed, limited amount per day and year
  • Interim: net fee is approx. 43% of the gross cost
  • Invoice: net fee is on average 49% of the gross cost (depending on the tax category under which the artist falls)
  • Author fee (royalties): net fee is 92,5% of the gross cost

Choose your artist fee contribution.

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Online payment is possible with Creditcard or Paypal.

For a payment by bank transfer:
IBAN: BE02 7390 2147 0040

Please use the reference: webshop - [purchased item]
and send an email to: contact@lichtekooi.be mentioning the purchased item, your name and postal address information for the (artist) invoice.