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Art|st talk

Artist talk Meg Duguid from Clutch Gallery

Friday 14.06 at 20:00

Lichtekooi is very excited to welcome Chicago-based performance artist Meg Duguid, founder of Clutch Gallery, for a talk!

Meg Duguid creates exhibitions and installations that center around issues of performance but are rooted in the object. After moving back to Chicago from New York, Duguid wanted to honor the long history of alternative spaces in her city while also understanding how Chicagoans interact on a daily basis. By opening up her purse as an exhibition space, she didn’t only open her personal space to the public but also feminized the white cube. Initially conceived as a one-year project – intended for people she would open her purse to in the grocery store, on public transit, in the coffee shop, or in any other place where she had to take her wallet out – Duguid put on twenty-two shows over the course of two years. 

After two years of running the space, Duguid started the Clutch Gallery lending program. For the next ten years, the gallery switched hands multiple times, it’s been with Emma Robbins, Paul Hopkin of Slow Gallery, and Georgina Valverde, who runs a project called the Society of Smallness in Chicago. Afterward the gallery was sent to the artist-run exhibition Artists Run Chicago 2.0 at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, where the purse became available for checkout.

Clutch Gallery for now remains a container for ideas and shows a grandeur in the smallness of things. It highlights and pinpoints the experience and viewership in a state of complete awareness of scale, and the relationship with said scale.

For Impossible Enough to Be an Art Space at Lichtekooi, Clutch Gallery is available for lending, it can be available to check out right for up to 7 days.

Join us this Friday for the artist talk! Thor Salden will go into conversation with Meg Duguid about Clutch Gallery.


With the support of the Flemish government.

Impossible Enough to Be an Art Space

With 0gms cabinet (BG), Catbox Contemporary (US), CLEA RSKY (MX/US), Clutch Gallery (US), Flasher! (BE), Frieren Room (DE), Kakabinet (BE), SINK Vienna (AT), Zum Goldenen Schnautz (BE) a.o.

04.05.2024 – 22.06.2024


No artist or curator starts at the MOMA. Most cultural activities first sprout in garages, flats, display cases, or other available residual spaces... This phenomenon occurs all over the world and the initiators of these exhibition spaces possess a boundless imagination and explore the limits of what is possible. Be it in a freezer compartment or on a cat scratching post, no space proves too “impossible” to be declared an art space!

This exhibition aims to highlight “exhibition spaces” that often operate in the shadows but are nevertheless an indispensable part of the art world. Lichtekooi aims to highlight and celebrate these artists’ initiatives and, above all, their generosity toward their fellow artists.

For this group exhibition, Lichtekooi is showing 9 "impossible" exhibition spaces that in turn present their own group or solo exhibition.

The participating artists are: Pablo Arellano, Amelie Bachfischer, Jolijn Baeckelandt, Diego Berruecos, Guillaume Bijl, Bildstein | Glatz, Christoph Blawert, Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier, Daniel Castrejón, Jack Davey, Wim Delvoye, Ricardo de Oliveira, Veronika Desova, Ian De Weerdt, Valentina Diaz, Scott Clifford Evans, Daniel Ferstl, Peter Fritzenwallner, Gelitin, Flora Hauser, Kati Heck, Sophia Mairer, Piero Manzoni, Cildo Meireles, Ohad Meromi, Rufus Michielsen, Katharina Höglinger, Yemo Park, Paul Riedmüller, Heather Rowe, Hans Schabus, Mima Schwahn, Elisa Schmid, Clara Spilliaert, Jelle Spruyt, Vincent Stroep, Koen Theys, Ina Valentinova , Sietske Van Aerde, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Jasmien Van Hoecke, Floris Van Look, Various Artists, Hans Wuyts and Davide Zulli.

Exhibition: 04.05.2024 – 22.06.2024
Opening hours:
Thu - Sat from 14:00 - 18:00 and by appointment
Artist talk Meg Duguid on Clutch Gallery: Fri 14.06.2024 at 20:00

Impossible Art Space World Map

As part of the exhibition Impossible Enough to Be an Art Space, Lichtekooi is trying to map as many “impossible art spaces” as possible.

Do you know any "impossible art spaces"? Help us map them! 
By sending us an email: contact@lichtekooi.be.
By sending us an Instagram message.
Or by filling in the form in Lichtekooi Artspace.

Check out the Impossible Art Space World Map!

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The Lichtekooi webshop is a visualisation of the ideal budget of Lichtekooi Artspace. You will find an overview of all costs associated with running an exhibition space, both overhead costs and project-related costs, ranging from toilet paper to artist fees.

Using this webshop you can support Lichtekooi by contributing to a specific cost of our operation. As proof of purchase, Lichtekooi supporters receive an invoice designed by an artist. This year Tom Volkaert designed an invoice. 


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